Men ministry lead by Ben

Women ministry lead by Rose

Youth ministry lead by James and Jim

Mission’s ministry pastor Moses

Hospitality  ministry lead by pastor Wilson

Sunday school ministry lead by Nyongesa

Intercessory ministry leas by Unice seda and Sammy opaa


The ministry has a chain of prayers coordinated by the intercessory team and also we have church prayer that is posted by announcement of our pastors

Different department of the church have their own calendar for prayers has they planned for the activities of the year in their various sections  

However we do have the second Friday of very month our prayer night (Kesha)

Elders / Seniors

The church is head by our senior pastor and with council of elders and pastors reporting to him followed by assistant pastors, deacons and other leaders to home cell groups’ levels as defined by the church structure in the by-laws.

Our branches are headed by the pastors who with them have the elders that will report to the council of elders in the headquarter church.

The main church oversee the functions of the branch churches and all reports of their operations are sent to the headquarter.

We groom our own pastors that are sent to the branch having built in the true doctrine and foundation of the church.


Sunday school

We have over hundred children in our Sunday school and they equipped with the word of God that are prepaid by qualified teachers and materials obtained from children ministries worldwide.

We are proud of our children for we know we are passing legacy to them.



We have over fourth youth that are well organized with teachings and freedom of activities in the church.

They run their own project and support the running of the church. We cannot do without them.



We have two teams of praise and worship teams which are vibrant and bless many soul by offering sacrifice of worship to God.

The team is led by our pastor Moses Amiani. Thanks for the good work

Community service


We have hospitality ministry that support the communities by giving basic want to them especially to the most vulnerable person. They provide cloths food and other kind of support required.

The church also provides support to the widows and orphans and all this activities are organized by Pastor Wilson Otieno.