We have the order of our service

                        7.30-8.00 -am youths service

                        8.00-10.00 -am morning teachings

                        10.00-12.00- Main service




Listen to our Pastor as

he records his weekly

radio session



Today the 4th of March2016 we are all heading to Kenya power international (Training school) for night Prayers (KESHA) we are all welcomed and be blessed with our God

our lifes will never be the same again


By CU chairman



5.00pm – 7.00pm Fellowship



6pm Night School – Elders

Cell Groups

We have several home bible study group in home cell and they meet regularly in the course of the week

We believe and emphasis that each and every member of the word fellowship cathedral church must be in one of the home cell groups.

This cell groups include

FATHDILI                                 (EMILLY)

ELGIBO                                    (MARTIN)

VICTRY                                    (KIM)

AGAPE                                      (KENN)

GOOD SHEPHERD                  (BEN)

All member are encouraged to attend their cell groups as anounced in the church.

Thank you


Other announcement 

Lets all met at Kenya power training school 

Church fundraiser 

All members are kindly requested to give towards the plot and blocks project to any of the church administrators 


Thank you all  for your support



First week April 2016 -revival meetings

 22-24 July 2016 –conference meeting  at kplc training school


Blue light disco 

All the praise and worship members will be attending for the practices on saterday at 2.00 pm 

come and let us dance for the Lord 


Thank you 

Pastor Moses 

Other event announcement


Registration for classes

Members of the Word Fellowship Cathedral are encouraged to register for theological classes at KMTI 

Let learn the word of God in depth and see is glory in our lifes 



Thank you 

Pastor David Wanjala